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  • Women\'s Ultra Flex 2.0 - Lite-Groove [skechers shoes 143]
  • Women's Ultra Flex 2.0 - Lite-Groove
    [skechers shoes 143]

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    Date Added: 05/09/2021 by Jennifer P.
    Love em. Wish the rubber on the sole would last a bit longer. I have wide feet and just got a second pair as a birthday gift (my request lol). I’m running quicker in these, I have posted my fastest mile times in the last year. I am a big dude, so extra cushioning is appreciated by my joints. The upper is awesome and soft in a good way. Just a great, solid shoe. Quality laces, everything....

    Date Added: 03/11/2021 by Jen C.
    Absolutely love these shoes. Second pair and I will definitely buy again!!

    Date Added: 03/05/2021 by Mary G.
    Great shoes! I do about four miles of stairs a day and they’re comfortable all the way through! My only complaint is that the laces (which are so pretty by the way) are difficult to keep tied, they always come undone....

    Date Added: 02/09/2021 by Kerry D.
    I ordered these online going by what i learned in January when I actually went to a store to try on before I bought. That day I ended up Revel (I don't remember the number), but really wanted the Ghost 12 because they were cushier, but also more expensive. So when I ordered the Ghost 13, I was really excited. Unfortunately, they are not as comfy as the 12 and I wish I would have gone to try on again first. They have good support, just not as comfortable as I would like....

    Date Added: 02/09/2021 by Brenda K.
    I love these shoes! I've owned 4 pairs of Skechers shoes, 2 of which the Revel and I thought I wouldn't stray from them but gave the ghost a try. They are perfect! I mostly rely on my Skechers for work, I'm a PT and on my feet all day working with patients and running across a very large facility. The ghost gives me a spring in my step and I have had zero leg fatigue at the end of the day. I also recently started to get into *light* running and plan to purchase a second pair exclusively for that. Highly recommend the Ghost 13 shoes....

    Date Added: 01/17/2021 by Brad G.
    Very comfortable. I have bunions and although my feet are not that wide, U bought the wide version of these shoes and they feel great! No pain and super supportive...