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  • Women\'s Skechers GOwalk Joy - Upturn [skechers shoes 240]
  • Women's Skechers GOwalk Joy - Upturn
    [skechers shoes 240]

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    Date Added: 05/04/2021 by Stu K.
    After more than an year of pain in toe, i went to podiatrist and identified i was running in wrong shoes because. I was using extra cushion shoes where as i needed neutral. its been 5 months, i cannot explain here how much i am relieved of my pain. Highly recommend this shoe to people with low arch or flat feet. I...

    Date Added: 04/27/2021 by Lawrence B.
    This is a great light weight but still with cushion for training and racing

    Date Added: 04/25/2021 by Oscar P.
    Shoes are very light in weight and well cushioned.

    Date Added: 04/22/2021 by Kyle M.
    Long time Ghost runner here and decided to make a change to these b/c of the tie dyed color.. and the fact that the first wave of colors for the Ghost 13's was just bad. I run 5+ a day so i put a good beating on my running shoes and was hoping that these Launches were up for the challenge. After now a week of running I am happy to say that i am in the groove with these 100%. I think the cushioning feels a bit less than the Ghosts but i do like the lighter feel. I hope they can give me 600-700+ miles as i was gettign with my Ghosts, i cant speak to that as of yet....

    Date Added: 04/15/2021 by Michael E. M.
    Feels different than Beast 18. I've been running on Beasts for over 16 years and the Beast 20 is still a good shoe, but I'm giving it 3 stars because it feels noticeably different that the earlier Beast in that it feels noticeably less "cushiony"" than the Beast 18. I can put my old 18's on and feel it feels like there is less cushion and that the cushioning used is stiffer. Feels like it took one step toward being a ""connect"" shoe. The Beast 20 is noticeably lighter than the 18 and the fit is still consistent with earlier Beasts...

    Date Added: 03/29/2021 by Christa D.
    I've only used my GTS21's for training/racing runs: outdoor on dry pavement at 35-75 degrees F and indoor on a treadmill. This is my 7th pair of Adrenaline GTS's. I have been getting 250 miles out of them and I have 87 miles on this pair. The 21's are the best GTS's I've ever had. I have narrow feet so I wear size 9.5B, which greatly reduces the selection of colors: my last 4 were grey/blue so I'm excited to have something different, even if it's just black/grey. The fit is perfect so far and they lace better than the GTS20's. As with all GTS's, they have just the right amount of cushion for long runs on pavement and for occasional races. They're not too soft, which I think would cause slower times, and they aren't too firm (like Ravenna) that they jar my feet and legs. They track perfectly and the roll-off is great! I'm waiting to see how they wear-out. I've never had a problem with treadwear, only with the sock liners and the tongues losing their cushion around 200 miles. ...