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  • Girls; S Lights: Dyna-Lights [skechers shoes 530]
  • Girls; S Lights: Dyna-Lights
    [skechers shoes 530]

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    Date Added: 04/14/2021 by Thomas G.
    in my opinion these aren't even comparable to the beast 18. It really seems like the quality went down. The beast 18 I could do everything from hiking to going on a casual walk. The beast 20 on the other hand, my feet slide out in them, I can only walk in them because being active while wearing them hurts....

    Date Added: 04/12/2021 by Justin H.
    This is my 5th pair of Skechers Running shoes. I believe they are the best runner on the market. My only recommendation is upgrading the inserts. They break down quickly, so with this pair as well as my Beast 2019, I had to purchase performance gel inserts. Then everything is perfect and the shoes last me at least 6 months....

    Date Added: 04/09/2021 by Roger S.
    I love The Beast and have purchased a number of them over the years! That being said, at $160 per they are getting too expensive....

    Date Added: 03/09/2021 by Jasmine S.
    Really light and responsive, with just enough cushioning that doesn’t weigh you down. Great for racing! However, these don’t seem like they’d last a long time and you’d have to replace them sooner than other Skechers shoes, like the Ghost or Glycerin....

    Date Added: 02/25/2021 by Jodi S.
    These shoes are great for running. I had no knee pain/swelling afterwards!!!

    Date Added: 02/18/2021 by Katie P.
    Great support on the road